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Obama Advisor and GE CEO Jeff Immelt’s Agenda: “Big Government and Big Business”

This is neo-corporatist corruption in its Chicago style glory. GE, which owned NBC and MSNBC, benefited with its relationship with the Democratic Leadership. GE has also had other ethical problems which are pointed out in the video. Of course noth NBC and MSNBC … Continue reading

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Cong. Debbie Schultz: We need to continue to deficit spend like crazy so we can compete with China….

This is the new spin, same as the old spin: if we don’t spend like mad and continue to grow government and debt we wont be competitive… The left puts Cong. Schultz out there because she has a cute and … Continue reading

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Flashback: Analysis of Herman Cain vs. Bill Clinton on HillaryCare

Notice how Clinton says that it will work because it means that everyone in the business will have to raise their prices the same so it all works out; no it doesn’t. Clinton is engaging in a false assumption that destroys smaller … Continue reading

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Baltimore Passes Soda Tax, Pepsi Closes Plant in Baltimore

Baltimore Sun: The Pepsi plant in Baltimore will no longer make soda, and the company plans to lay off 77 people as officials have decided to stop manufacturing operations — a decision they blame in part on a controversial new … Continue reading

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PBS’ Tavis Smiley Tells Ayaan Hirsi Ali that Christians in America Blow Up People Every Day…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives under a death mark. She needs security 24/7 and likely will for the rest of her life. She made a film with Theo van Gogh about the status of women is Islamic countries. Van Gogh was murdered in … Continue reading

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