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Video: How Tax Cuts Work & Why Tax Increases Achieve the Exact Opposite of the Stated Intent

Lee Doren of “How The World Works” explains how tax cuts and increases work in a progressive income tax system like we have here in the United States. Let us examine some charts that help to illustrate this further. Here is the … Continue reading

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ABC’s Jake Tapper Blasts Obama’s Double Standard on Jobs and Outsourcing

ABC’s Jake Tapper on the double standard: “What would candidate Obama have said if Bush’s jobs adviser ran a company which outsourced thousands of jobs and paid no taxes on $14 billion in profits? Politico (and Politico is very left … Continue reading

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This lizard (read government) could cost up to 60,000 jobs and 25% of our national oil production.

Some believe that party of this story is the Obama Administration sticking it to Texas just as the Obama Administration is also doing to Texas in regards to the fires. The government says that where there is oil drilling there … Continue reading

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Gadaffi, Obama, Mubarak, and Carter

Today the elite media is almost orgasmic in praise for President Obama in the reported death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi. So let me get this straight: Gadaffi dead = good. Saddam Hussein’s murderous sons killed = possible violation of … Continue reading

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