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Dick Morris: Public schools are an obvious failure. School choice is cheaper and better.

http://schoolchoiceweek.com/ In just under four minutes Dick Morris described flawlessly why public schools are too expensive, failing and are starting to lose dominance because state governments just cannot afford them any more.

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Why conservatives are happier and more generous than liberals

This is a great article by Dennis Prager who actually wrote a book on the subject of happiness. This article is also gives great insight as to the psychological differences between conservatives a liberals. Prager: According to polls — Pew … Continue reading

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Libya’s transitional leader says Islamic Sharia law will be the “basic source” of all law

The readers of this web site are not surprised by this at all. This is trajic, especially for the women of Libya and Tunisia and as well know the women of Egypt are already suffering forced virginity checks etc. On … Continue reading

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