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Washington Post & Accuracy in Media Slam Sean Penn Movie as “Full of Lies”

Since this film has recently been released on DVD it seemed like a good time to revisit this issue from last December I wrote about the Plame non-scandal scandal at length in The Preface (an IU student paper) and in … Continue reading

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Michelle Rhee: Some schools got their funding doubled and scores still went down

For those of you who do not know Michelle Rhee, she is one of the stars from the hit film “Waiting for Superman”. The film is a brilliant documentary about people who made a difference or who tried to make … Continue reading

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IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT: Most global warming models are exaggerated, many scientists in it for the grant money or treat it like a religion

Dr. Lindzen is a top atmospheric physicist and teaches at MIT.

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Video: MEP Daniel Hannan Comparison Between US And Europe

Daniel Hannan is a Member of the European Parliament “If you look at the policies being pursued by your current rulers they amount to a comprehensive strategy towards Europeanization. This is a sustained attempt to change the  character of The … Continue reading

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CPI: Big Polluters Freed from Environmental Oversight by Stimulus Bill (government picking winners and losers)

Before we begin it should be clear that the “Center for Public Integrity” CPI is a far left outfit complete with all the spin and trimmings. And while the story they tell is spun I find it to be directionally … Continue reading

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FIRE to Administrators of Public Colleges Nationwide: Beware of Personal Liability for Free Speech Violations

The free speech, freedom of association, and other rights violations seem to be ongoing and never ending on campus nation wide. It is not as if court actions against public universities in these matters have not been well reported. It … Continue reading

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Lord Christopher Monckton lecture at the Heartland Institute: Global warming alarmists have lost the argument both scientifically and rhetorically.

Lord Monckton gives a more humorous speech on global warming alarmism at The Heartland Institute. Lord Monckton has had formal debates against the best of the AGW scientists and has won these debates so handily that none of them will debate him any … Continue reading

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Must See Video – Newt Gingrich: Orwellian Government from 1979-2010

The good stuff starts near the end of video one when he starts talking about Poland at 7:35 From CPAC 2010.

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Robert Spencer Video: The Complete Infidel’s Guide To The Koran

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Flashback: Democrats Yearly Deficit Spending 6.5 Times Higher than Republicans. Democrats Pork Spending 50 Times Higher

An important reminder about the budget numbers from 2010. CNS News reported: When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave her inaugural address as speaker of the House in 2007, she vowed there would be “no new deficit spending.” Since that day, … Continue reading

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Third poll says nearly half of all doctors will retire or make significant changes to practice due to ObamaCare

This is the third poll to say this. The first two were the Medicus Poll and the IBD Poll. IBD: When we said nearly half of U.S. doctors might close their practices or retire early rather than live under the … Continue reading

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API: Recent Studies Show Obama Drilling Moratorium Will Cost 50,000 Jobs; 160,000 by 2032

While Obama tried to stop offshore drilling and exploration here and while his administration puts more of our domestic resources off-limits, the White House is using taxpayer dollars to aid Petro-Brazil’s  offshore drilling efforts in waters deeper than the United States. George Soros is an investor in … Continue reading

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Former head of CIA “bin Laden Unit”: Libyan rebels are like the Taliban

Is Obama’s entire Middle East policy designed to undermine Israel? Let us put everything on the wall and examine it. The dictators in the Middle East kept the Muslim Brotherhood and the Al-Qeada’s at bay. They were necessary for Israel’s … Continue reading

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Welfare State: Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages

Remember that Clinton/Gingrich Welfare Reform that was so effective at stopping people from gaming the system and helping people get back to work? Did you know it was reversed with the Obama Stimulus Bill? CNBC: Government payouts—including Social Security, Medicare and unemployment … Continue reading

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“The Forgotten Depression” and How Presidents Coolidge & Harding Turned America Around.

With Glenn Beck, Reagan Budget Advisor Art Laffer, and Chris Edwards from the CATO Institute. This is very interesting. Why is it that the second biggest domestic economic depression on record is scrubbed from our history books, including many economic … Continue reading

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In Honor of Calvin Coolidge, A Great President Few Remember.

The accomplishments of Calvin Coolidge are many and he was one of our greatest presidents. He helped lead the united states out of a depression caused in large part by the progressive policies of Woodrow Wilson, he helped to restore … Continue reading

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Sen. Rand Paul: We’re Spending About 10 Billion Dollars A Day & Borrowing About 4 Billion Of That!

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