Zero On Air Coverage of Democrat Who Murdered Teen “Because He’s Republican” on Corporate Media

Caylor Ellingson

We know that no one is surprised as this story doesn’t fit the Democrat corporate media narrative. For those who do not know, 41 year old Shannon Brandt ran down and murdered 18 year old Caylor Ellingson with his vehicle. Brandt stated quite clearly he ran the teen down because he is a “Republican extremist.” Sounds like Joe Biden or almost any other Democrat on TV doesn’t it?

It gets better. MSNBC at the time of this reporting has no mention of the crime on their web site at all. 

Neither does NBC News

ABC and CBS News each report on their web sites that there was a hit and run and it involved a political argument, but scrubbed  all other political references, likely so the reader would believe an evil “MAGA” ran down a “mostly peaceful” ANTIFA arsonist.

The only on air corporate news we were able to find that reported the story correctly on their web site was CNN

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