FBI Director Wray Still Sticking With Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax

There comes a time when someone has lost so much credibility violated the public trust so many times that the benefit pf the doubt afforded to normal people is no longer applied.  FBI Director Chris Wray stepped over that line long ago as you can see by our voluminous coverage of his lies and corruption.

The answers Congress gets form Director Wray can be summed up on the following: 

1 – “That is an ongoing investigation” – even after three years where whistleblowers are telling Congress you are burying the evidence. 

2 – “That is very concerning and I have put in place rules to address that” – only to have the DoJ Inspector General Report that not only are the violations not fixed, they are getting worse. 

3 – “The FBI is not in the habit of targeting journalists and innocents based on political ideology” – while FBI SWAT teams and agents continue to do just that. 

4 – “I don’t know about that so I will follow up with an answer in writing” – only to tell the Congress in writing that he refuses to answer the question.

5 – “I am not familiar with that or that particular person” even though they hold high ranking positions on the DC Field Office. 

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