Probe Into Sex Assault Coverups At Loudoun County Schools Continues

Remember that Loudoun County School Board? They out in a new “trans” bathroom policy which resulted in rapes in girls bathrooms. They broke the law by not reporting it and the father of one of the raped women had police waiting to arrest him at the behest of the school board when he showed up to complain. Unfortunately that was the beginning of the school board’s outrageous behavior and not the end. 

Then the National School Board Association in rather obvious cahoots with Loudoun County worked with White House operatives to get Biden’s FBI to consider protesting parents to be domestic terrorists. Homeland Security agents started showing up to Loudoun School Board meetings. This resulted in multiple school boards and states withdrawing from the organization and Democrat’s in Virginia being thrown out of office. 

Loudoun County School board is still in denial and going to far as to file hail Mary lawsuits claiming they are the victim.

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