Westerner Making CCP Propaganda Film Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Reality

The Chinese government pays westerners to make propaganda films and social media videos for them. There are youtubers who make $2,000-$4,000 a month doing this. 

This gentleman below, who obviously is not the sharpest pencil in the box, did not do a very good job of concealing the fact that he was surrounded by security minders and even a film crew with a long lends who got too close form time to time.

Must See: Loudoun County Parent/School Board Candidate Speaks Out

Remember Loudoun County Schools? They were cramming CRT down kids throats. Six year old’s were coming home saying that the teacher told her she was evil because she is white. They enacted a trans bathroom policy that resulted in two rapes, which the school board illegally did not report, covered up and went so far as to call the police and send lawyers after the victim’s parents. 

Now a grand jury is investigating the school board.

This is the same school board that was in collusion to get Biden’s DoJ to go after parents complaining at school board meetings because they must be “domestic terrorists.”

Posobiec: “Name one mass shooting that the FBI has stopped.” (video)

Jack Posobiec makes a good point here. There have been several mass shooters who were either known to the FBI or in actual contact with FBI informants/agents shortly before the murders. 

One might say that we only know about the FBI’s failures. Sorry, criminal events are not classified and the FBI since Clinton was President has been desperate for good press. Successes would not just be leaked, they would be publicized. 

What the FBI has been caught doing is manufacturing evidence, entrapment, lying to the FISA courts, lying to judges, illegally withholding discovery and more. 

Veteran reporter Sharyl Attkisson reports on Full Measure that in case after case after case the FBI dropped the ball; surveilling would be mass shooters only to let them carry out the shooting. 

In one case the FBI was actually following a would be mass shooter to where he started shooting and the FBI ran away letting would be victims fend for themselves.

YouTube has censored Attkisson’s report by age restricting it, thus eliminating it from being suggested in searches or your YouTube home page. You must go to YouTube directly and be a YouTube subscriber to see the video: