Dershowitz: Bannon Guilty Verdict Will Almost Certainly be Vacated on Appeal. Bannon Among Top China Critics Targeted by Biden DoJ.

Steve Bannon left the White House three years before January 6th. He wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it, yet the illegally formed January 6th Committee (Republican leader wasn’t allowed to appoint members in violation of House rules) illegally subpoenaed all of Steve Bannon’s communications with President Trump. 

The subpoena is also illegal because it does not serve a legislative purpose and it violates “Executive Privilege.” Executive Privilege is a staple of “Separation of Powers.” A President cannot get honest advice from anyone if they are going to be legally harassed and/or dragged before a committee each time they speak to the President.

The Pelosi hand picked January 6th Committee and Biden’s Department of Justice (DoJ) are trying to use this committee to do an end run around Executive Privilege which they know will not be allowed by the Supreme Court. It is the committee’s hope that Bannon and other “convictions” can be used as a weapon in the mid-term elections if they can delay an appeals court or the Supreme Court reversing the conviction until November. 

There are other reasons the Bannon conviction will be overturned, chief among them is that the corrupt lower court judge refused to let Bannon subpoena his witnesses or put on any meaningful defense. 

The Biden Administration has been targeting top critics of the Chinese Communist Party, who is in business with Hunter Biden.

Famed Canadian Attorney Viva Frei reviews the Steve Bannon subpoena and just how outrageous it is:

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