Savage! Justice Alito mocks “foreign leaders” who condemned recent Supreme Court rulings (video)

Justice Sam Alito speaks to Notre Dame Law School’s summit on religious liberty. He returns fire to his critics.

Alito also addresses how the left fundamentally misunderstands the Bill of Rights in order to square it with their secular statist ideology. He points out that Catholic Charities have been servicing orphans and providing adoption services on this continent since 1729.  Along comes some “enlightened” leftist who decides that Freedom of Religion means that Catholics must be expelled from providing these services by force from the state.

Trump’s Virtues by Tom Klingenstein: Courage Never Demands Perfection (video)

They say that they want Trump’s policies and courage and will to fight but without his baggage or vices. This view shows a fundamental lack of understanding that one never gets into a fist fight without getting his hands dirty. 

Trump revealed—not “caused”—the divide in this country. He shifted the Overton Window and gave his supporters the breathing room to voice their discontents. This may have been his most important achievement, made possible by qualities independent of policy. You cannot win a war unless you know you are in one.