“Green New Deal” Causing Food Shortages, Black Outs, Riots and Economic Collapse Around the World

You will not see the video or news reports below in most American corporate media. What you will see in the videos below reflects an eternal truth, “The more than planners’ plans fail the more than planners plan.”

Klaus Schwab

The “Green New Deal” was not just something that was invented by Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and picked up by Joe Biden. It is a part of the “Great Reset” plan of the World Economic Forum (WEF) ran by Klaus Schwab made famous recently such as comments like “you will own nothing and be happy.

The Word Economic Forum has a simplistic ideology similar to what one might find in the dystopian film Elysium. The merging of the ideologies of communism, corporatism, and eco-extremism ran by an oligarchy of a technocratic wealthy “elite”. 

Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF, defacto unelected leader of the globalist left Behind him is a bust of Vladimir Lenin, the Russian leader largely responsible for communism.

The WEF wants the elimination of fossil fuels and nuclear energy, the elimination of modern agriculture, and the elimination of meat as a food source to be replaced by artificial proteins made from algae and insects. Of course the elite still get to eat steaks. 

A big problem is that like most elitists who believe that we don’t need farmers because we can just go to the grocery store is that they have nothing to replace the farms and the energy resources. So called “green energy” is unreliable, expensive and can only generate a small fraction of the energy needed to run an economy.

In Sri Lanka, Holland and other European countries the socialists who follow Green New Deal ideology passed laws against using or generating Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a key component of fertilizer and livestock breaths it in and out. Nitrogen is not a pollutant as our atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen.

The Biden Administration announced that food shortages would be coming last year after the WEF announced its agenda at its conference at Davos. Biden is blaming it on Putin, but the food shortages are deliberate as you will see by the content below.  The inflation we are seeing is no accident.

Sri Lanka just a few short years ago had a thriving middle class and a robust agriculture industry until their politicians fell in with Klaus Schwab and the Green New Deal. Farms were put out of business, inflation hit, the economy collapsed and the country defaulted on it’s loans. The political leaders literally fled the country when the people revolted.

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