Democrat Committee Chair admits so called “Assault Weapon Bill” would ban most guns in common use. “That is the point of the bill.”


Billions for African & Ukrainian Farmers, American Farmers Get Regulations Designed to Bankrupt Them (video).

In Europe, Sri Lanka, and Argentina, at the behest of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), “progressives” have passed laws that are expressly designed to put farmers out of business, ranging in everything from food shortages, to riots, to complete economic collapse as in the case of Sri Lanka. 

Gun Control Democrats Denounce Hero Who Stopped Mass Shooter in Indiana.

But they say that they don’t want to take away your 2nd Amendment rights…..just your guns. It is almost like they are disappointed that the mass shooter was stopped in the place where constitutional carry was just passed.

China cuts off citizens in two provinces from accessing bank accounts. Rolls in tanks.

Since most American corporate media will never critique China, here are two news agencies from India reporting it: 

Latestly News: Chinese Tanks Roll on Streets to Scare Henan Bank Protestors – LINK

The Print: Chinese tanks roll on streets to scare Henan Bank protestors – LINK