Democrats, BigTech, Corporate Media Fuel Race Hate that Lead to the New York Subway Massacre.

While ultimately the people who are mostly responsible for illegal violence are the evil doers themselves, we must recognize that there are people out there who are mentally fragile and get tricked into believing the racial hate and invective the Democrats and their corporate media allies peddle every single day. 

Far left propaganda motivated the Family Research Center Shooter, dozens of mass shooters, the man who went to a Congressional Republican softball game to shoot Republicans and almost killed Steve Scalise. Some take this racial animus to the next level and join “Black Supremacy” ideology as is the case with the New York Subway shooter and the man who plowed his SUV into a group of “white people” in Wisconsin. 
The corporate media tries to ignore these facts to memory hole them.  Big tech claims that their censorship makes people safe, when in reality they are just engaging in election interference on behalf of Democrats. Social media leaves these black supremacist’s alone to make threats online. 

When called out on their hate and smears in court, MSNBC, Facebook and the New York Times told the court that their news/fact checking is nothing but unverified opinion that no reasonable person takes seriously as fact. 

The FBI doesn’t like to admit that these crimes are a problem. They keep spending resources going after parents who protest at school board meetings and trying to frame people who wear MAGA hats. 

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