Loudoun, Virginia School Board Covers Up At least Two Rapes To Help Implement CRT and a “Trans” Bathroom Policy Letting Students Use Any Bathroom

UPDATESuperintendent apologizes and School Board Member resigns – MORE. The School district failed to report sexual assaults for years.

UPDATE II – Barack Obama in a campaign event for Terry McAuliffe  denied the rapes were even true, calling them “phony right wing outrage,” even though the perpetrator has been convicted: 

To a leftist, nothing is more important than gaining power and furthering their ideology. Scott Smith’s daughter was forcibly sodomized in the school bathroom and the school did not call the police to protect said leftist ideology.  

UK Daily Mail:

A Virginia father who went viral after being dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting and arrested for protesting its proposed transgender policies has now revealed he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy at school in the girls’ bathroom.

Scott Smith was photographed on June 22 being dragged out of the heated meeting with his torso exposed in Leesburg, Virginia. The 48-year-old plumber was ridiculed on social media afterwards and was painted by the left to be a deranged, right-wing bigot.

But in an interview with The Daily Wire that was published on Monday, he explains that he was trying to stick up for his daughter, who was attacked at Stone Bridge High School on May 28 by a boy ‘wearing in a skirt.’ 

Smith says the boy took advantage of the school’s trans policies to get into the girls’ bathrooms and assault her. 

Two months after the incident, the boy – who has not been named because he is a juvenile – was arrested for forced sodomy.  

And in October, he was arrested again on different charges for allegedly assaulting a different girl, at a different school. He is now in a juvenile detention center.

But Smith says Loudoun County schools went out of their way to protect the child – ‘a sexual predator’. The school still has not commented.


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