Hunter Biden Offering Access to Alleged Russian Criminal Networks for Cash.

Hunter Biden tried to get Alcoa to pay him $80,000 to get plugged into the network of wealthy Russian criminal Oleg Deripaska. How is it that Hunter Biden is so well versed on Russian criminal networks….to make “introductions.”

The FBI raided the American homes of Deripaska last week. Of course the FBI being as corrupt as it is the raid could have been for the purpose of finding any evidence on Hunter and disappearing it.

The raid could also be a continued cover up of the Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax. Special Prosecutor Durham has already scored the conviction of an FBI lawyer for manufacturing incriminating evidence to submit to the FISA Court in order to continue to spy on Trump illegally. 

Two others involved in manufacturing evidence against Trump were DoJ Attorney Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele Deripaska to testify (lie) against Trump. They were unsuccessful. 

Durham has indicted DNC/Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann and more are sure to come. 

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