Gallup Poll Shows Only Democrats Believe CorpoMedia.

Political Insider Caught. Phony Hit Piece Against Melania Trump

Sarah Palin called them the “make it up media”.  Once again…  we will get screenshots in case they delete. I guess it was too good to check. All they had to do was call Steve Scalise’s office. This is what they call journalism today. 

Greenwald: What do Biden’s Drone Strike, Trump “Russian Collusion” & the January 6th “Insurrection” Have in Common

Is Biden’s AG Merrick Garland a Crook? Orders FBI to Investigate Parents Opposing CRT Hate in Schools. Garland’s Son Publishes CRT Propaganda.


Attorney General Merrick Garland

Please see our previous reporting showing the letter from Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland ordering the FBI to investigate parents who show up to school board meetings who oppose the outrageously racist and marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) to kids. CRT is designed to make the races hate each other, there is no easy way to put it, which is why parents of all races have been speaking out against it. 

So naturally the insane leftists who are pushing this garbage have a message that they want to impart to parents – SHUT UP. 

The corpomedia and the leftists are perfectly fine when their rent-a-crowd shows up at Tucker Carlson’s house or Rand Paul’s house with loud speakers and threats in the middle of the night. They are perfectly fine with sending stalkers to harass Senator Kyrsten Sinema everywhere she goes including following her into the bathroom. These same stalkers armed with White House talking points have been showing up to harass Sen. Sinema across the country so someone is paying the bill. CNN and MSNBC etc etc are totally fine with it:

But when even milder tactics are done by harmless parents to the hard left all of the sudden this is “domestic terrorism.” Tucker Carlson has a great video montage and an explanation of what is going on at the FBI. This video is a must see and please watch it until the end.