McAuliffe Worked for Law Firm School Boards Used to Target Student Crime Victims


Waging “lawfare” is a disgusting practice.  The firm Virginia Governor candidate Terry McAuliffe worked for was hired by school boards to manipulate the courts to rule against the rights students who were victims of crimes including sexual assault and even gang rape. This goes a big step beyond just a coverup.

A key problem with allowing the woke leftists, well funded by teachers unions, to serve on school boards is that they want to create a “utopia” by cramming their marxist ideology down everyone’s throat. Bullying and rape go against the utopia narrative, therefore the school administrations target the victims. If the bullying and sexual assault victims are silenced, than there is no problem.

Daily Wire:

A law firm that employed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is being paid handsomely to fight victims of alleged sexual abuse in schools, on behalf of a school system that the girls say failed to protect them.

In one case the Hunton Andrews Kurth law firm, where McAuliffe served as a senior adviser from 2019 until recently, is battling a young woman who says that she was repeatedly raped on her Fairfax County middle school campus as a 12-year old and that she was slashed with a knife, burned with a lighter, anally penetrated, and gang raped.

The law firm and McAuliffe’s campaign did not return request for comment, but McAuliffe reported income apparently linked to the firm in 2021, after announcing his run for governor of Virginia on December 8, 2020. Later advertisements from the firm for McAuliffe fundraisers refer to him as a “former colleague.”

The girl in the middle school case said she was afraid of having her real name attached because one of her alleged tormentors had threatened to kill her if she came forward. The law firm is seeking to have the lawsuit thrown out because it was filed under a pseudonym, even though there is no dispute that the school system knows who she is. A judge rejected Hunton’s argument, but it filed an appeal on behalf of its client, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS).

In a separate case, a girl alleged that after FCPS administrators were told of an unwanted sexual incident on a band trip, a school security officer told her there was no point in seeking criminal charges, and the school gave an award to her alleged abuser. Hunton told the court that the school system lost documentation showing its investigation of the allegations – which occurred in part because it was not using a sexual harassment allegation database that it had promised to use pursuant to a federal settlement in the other girl’s case. In both cases, a women’s rights group filed “amicus” briefs to express opposition to Hunton’s arguments.

Joining McAuliffe’s former law firm and FCPS in the latter case was the National School Boards Association, which filed its own amicus brief. The trio is banking on an aggressive interpretation of Title IX, a law that provides protections in sexual assault cases, that would be more favorable to school administrators and less favorable to victims. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down their logic, but Hunton has signaled its intent to take the case to the Supreme Court. A win there would mean the same interpretation would apply to schools across the country.

The Daily Wire’s review of Hunton’s work brings into stark relief themes that have come to define the race for Virginia governor. McAuliffe’s statement that parents’ role in schools should be limited; the National School Board Association’s implication that parents angry at school policies could be akin to “domestic terrorists;” and the financial ties between the McAuliffe-linked law firm, his campaign, school systems, and teachers unions.

The cases tie thematically and legally to an earlier exclusive Daily Wire report about a sexual assault case in Loudoun County. Loudoun County Public Schools blamed its actions in that case on Title IX, saying it would lobby for changes to make it more favorable to victims. Yet the records show that the NSBA, the Virginia School Board Association, and the former law firm of the state’s possible governor are actively seeking the opposite.

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1.7 Million Known Border Crossers This Year (video)

And the Biden Administration at testimony before Congress, just like with everything else, is plays clueless and/or refuses to answer questions. 

Keep in mind that this is KNOWN border crossers. This also doesn’t include all of the other than Mexicans that come from around the world to cross the southern border and of course the tons of drugs that come over almost daily. 
The Drug/Human trafficking cartel’s are making $14 million per day. They are even advertising on TikTok.

Watch Senator Young (R-IN) trying to get an answer from Biden’s Homeland Security Department:

New York Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Met With Chinese Communist Party Front Group Seeking To ‘Malignly Influence’ American Officials.

Former KGB disinformation officer Yuri Bezmenov said that you might think that we bribed American media figures such as Dan Rather and Daniel Ellsberg with money or with women. No. They simply did not resist us. 

American leftists were enamoured with and romanticized the murderous tyranny of the Soviet Union and Cuba and now they seem all too willing, as well as leftist academia, to do the same for the Chinese Communist Party. 

The National Pulse

New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams met with a Chinese Communist Party-run foreign influence flagged by the U.S. government for seeking to “directly and malignly influence” officials to push pro-Beijing policies.

Adams, the Democratic Party nominee in the upcoming New York City mayoral election, met with leaders from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) during a 2017 trip to China.

The CPAFFC has been dubbed the “public face” of the United Front – a billion-dollar effort executed by the Chinese Communist Party seeking “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,” according to the federal U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.

Also referred to as “avowedly an arm of the party-state,” CPAFFC has been flagged by the U.S. State Department for its campaigns to “directly and malignly influence” American officials.

Blacklisted Chinese Tech Giant Paid Clinton Surrogate $500,000 to Lobby White House

Whenever you see the name Podesta, insert Clinton.  John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and his brother Tony is a lobbyist and fundraiser/bundler for all the wrong people.  The Chinese have been illegally bankrolling the Clinton’s from early in his career.


Huawei, the Chinese tech giant that is on a U.S. trade blacklist, paid veteran Democratic lobbyist and donor Tony Podesta $500,000 to lobby the White House during the third quarter.

The disclosure comes as the Biden administration is facing pressure to keep Huawei on the blacklist, which restricts the company’s access to semiconductors. The lobbying took place between July and September.

The specifics of Podesta’s lobbying campaign for Huawei were not clear. Podesta and Huawei did not return requests for comment before publication.

The White House, in a response Thursday, criticized Huawei and said the company is still subject to trade restrictions.

“President Biden and this administration believe digital infrastructure equipment made by untrustworthy vendors, like Huawei, pose a threat to the security of the U.S., our allies, and our partners. Export controls against Huawei remain in place,” a White House official said, when asked about Podesta’s lobbying.

“We are committed to using the full range of our tools to keep us and our allies secure,” the official added. “We are engaging with all of our partners and allies on the risks posed by Huawei and dozens of countries and carriers have made the decision to exclude Huawei from their 5G networks. And we expect this trend to continue.”