Alec Baldwin is Responsible. Will Smith, Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry Treat Every Prop Gun as Real (video) – UPDATE John Schneider Reacts

There are few things in life where every effort should be made to ensure there is no compromise and one of them is the rules firearm safety

Will Smith, Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry trained with real guns, from real shooting professionals,  on real competition tactical gun ranges using REAL gun safety protocols that are always followed.

Prop guns look and feel like real guns. There have been accidents where somehow a real gun was used on set – with real ammo that should never have been near the set – and people have died. Will Smith treats every prop gun as if it is real and loaded as everyone should. 

Watch Will Smith here because this is how it’s done:

[Editor’s Note – Even though Alec Baldwin has done foolish things for much of his life, this makes us sick inside. We do not wish what happened on the set of Rust to happen to anyone. We take no pleasure in reporting this.  Alec should have followed the basic rules of gun safety at all times period – full stop.]