Woke Leftists Hide Behind Gay & Trans People To Cover Sex Crimes. So Does YouTube.


Imagine that you are a typical gay person or say a gay lady who prefers men’s styling or an athlete with a last name of Jenner. You work a regular job like most people, you love your mom and you like a good pizza, just like everybody else.

Then some creepy woke jerks like the Loudoun School Board covers up two brutal rapes and does it in the name of representing gay and trans people. Or another of countless school boards that put pedophelia and porn materials in schools and do it in the name of gay/trans tolerance.

Yours truly has been asking gay and trans people about this and they are infuriated.

Being gay/trans comes with extra drama as they will tell you and the last thing they need is pedophelia/bathroom rape or other crimes associated with them. Gay/trans people are disgusted by what they see as fake trans men putting on a skirt so they can strut into the girls bathroom or shower and cause trouble.  Woke leftists have been hiding behind gays when advocating the normalization of pedophelia for years.

“How dare you criticize us, you just hate LGBT blah blah blah”

The vast majority of gay people are sick of it.

Steven Crowder did an episode of his show about pedophiles and fake trans criminals are taking advantage of woke leftism in order to cover for their crimes, violating children, girls in bathrooms etc.

Crowder sourced his information with evidence that is verifiable and posted the sourcing on his web site for all to see.

YouTube pulled Crowder’s video and gave his account a strike saying he was criticizing LGBT people. No, Crowder was criticizing criminals.

When gay and trans people speak out against woke leftists hiding behind them to cover for criminal activity the corpomedia almost never reports it. The result is that people not familiar with LGBT start to associate or draw an equivalence between LGBT and criminal sexual conduct because they keep hearing that association again and again. They don’t hear anyone countering the narrative.

We hope LGBT gets really loud in countering the criminal woke leftist/corpomedia narrative as such narrative will inevitably lead to persecution by those who believe it.

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