Using Leftist Framing of an Issue Works Against Liberty and the Truth.

To the far left, things like objective truth have no value to them, which is why they use tools to confuse people such as moral relativism, or they simply change the meanings of words or change names.

For example one school board renamed Critical Race Theory (CRT) Propaganda  to DEI only to say “See we don’t teach CRT.”

Leftists are by their nature collectivists so they are very good at working in concert. When we see their spin with the false framing of words in the corporate media we should not repeat it.

Below is a fine example of what not to do:

Someone who is indifferent on homosexuals  or leans left could look at this caption from Todd Starnes and think “Starnes and Robinson hate gay people” and the neo-marxist left will just use this screenshot to advance such a false narrative.

When you click on the story and listen to the interview you discover that Lt. Gov. Robinson makes it very clear that homosexuals, just like  everyone else, should be allowed to live their own lives without government harassment.

Robinson also makes it clear that those he is criticizing are putting marxist propaganda, pedophelia and porn in front of young children in schools. When the leftists are called on it they claim it is all an attack against gays. The old bait and switch.

Never use the language, spin or framing of the left or the corporate media.  How about simply say that radical leftists are putting porn and pedophemial in front of children and hiding behind the “gays” top do it.

Most homosexuals hate the woke spin and hate being used as a shield for pedophelia even more.

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