Drone Strike War Crime Excuse: “We did not have the luxury of time…” (video) – UPDATED!

This is one of the saddest stories we have ever had to report. In the rush to create a distraction of the Afghan pullout disaster the Biden Administration killed a family with children and now we have learned that one of those killed was an aid worker Biden left behind.

The facts: 

1 – The drone strike was done without allied forces on the ground to verify the target.  

2 – Secretary of State Blinken admitted in Senate testimony that they didn’t know who those people were. 

3 – The Biden Administration has admitted that they didn’t even know the names of those they murdered.

4 – The CIA warned that civilians were present before the missile was fired.

5 – General Kenneth McKenzie said in his public briefing, “We did not have the luxury of time.”

6 – Knowing all of this General Milley called the strike “Righteous.”

7 – If this was a mistake that was made without political pressure someone would have been held accountable, but no one has, which means they want those involved to stay quiet.

These facts indicate more than simple carelessness, but that there was political pressure to make a distraction to claim “Winning” after the bloody disaster of the botched Afghan withdrawal.  Because of these reasons we are forced to conclude that this was indeed a war crime.

[Editor’s Note – Calling this out as a war crime is not a conclusion we came to easily. Yours truly is a veteran. Considering the shear number of lectures about target verification that members of the military get, considering how many lawyers are looking over every veteran who is serving, second guessing every decision, in my military opinion there is no way that procedure was observed before the trigger was pulled. In short, they are not capable of this level of incompetence. This veteran would be willing to bet that the one who pulled the trigger did so under orders and under protest or was lied to about the target verification beforehand.] 

Friendly fire happens and there are legitimate albeit highly regretful military snafu’s, but the evidence indicates this drone strike was not one of those times. If military training, procedure and common sense were followed this would not have happened.

UPDATE – Jim Hanson is usually a good source as he is the head of the Security Studies Group. Even so we have no independent verification of this. If true it makes things worse. 

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