Biden Kept NATO Allies In the Dark on Sudden Withdrawal. Refused to Cooperate /w Allies After. UK Parliament Passes Contempt Resolution Against Biden

Not only did Biden not tell our allies he was abandoning our most fortified and capable  positions including Bagram Air Base, he didn’t even tell the Afghans. After Biden started all of this chaos he simply refused to coordinate with out NATO allies. Biden even refused to take calls from the British Prime Minister. Allies asked for more time to get their people out, Biden refused.

Allies are looking to reform NATO so they have “strategic autonomy” from the United States. 

This is the same Joe Biden who said “Diplomacy is back”, the “adults are back in the room” and who told us that our allies were on board with his plan. 

For the first time in world history the UK Parliament has voted to hold President Biden in contempt. 

Tennessee Star

UK’s Parliament Holds Biden in Contempt as France and Britain Forced to Rescue Citizens Trapped in Kabul.

The Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and the desperate situation in Kabul has angered U.S. allies, leaving them scrambling to evacuate their citizens and the Afghans who supported them during the 20 year war.

The United Kingdom’s Parliament on Wednesday held Joe Biden in contempt for Afghan debacle, with one veteran MP saying the U.S. abandoned its Afghan allies and disregarded their sacrifices.

Tom Tugendhat, a British Army veteran of the Afghanistan war and the Conservative chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, blasted Biden for his criticism of the Afghan National Army and said it was “shameful” to blame Afghanistan’s fighting force for the Taliban’s takeover.

After Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, Biden said, “American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war, and dying in a war, that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves.”

“To see their commander in chief call into question the courage of men I fought with—to claim that they ran—is shameful,” he said.

“Those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have,” Tugendhat added.

Washington Free Beacon:

The United Kingdom’s Parliament on Wednesday held President Joe Biden in contempt for his withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, calling the move “catastrophic” and “shameful.”

Members of Parliament, including some who served alongside U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, accused Biden of “throwing us and everybody else to the fire” with his decision to withdraw. They also attacked Biden for his “shameful” criticism of the Afghan National Army and said it was “dishonourable” to blame Afghanistan’s fighting force for the Taliban’s takeover.

Even the British public is outraged. 

UK Daily Mail

Britons condemn Joe Biden: New poll makes grim reading for US President as decision to pull his troops out of Afghanistan is considered WRONG by almost two to one.

Pompeo: Americas enemies are watching Biden destroy our alliances: 

Allies “questioning the firmness” of American support: 

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