Disney Star Wars HQ Display Posters of Luke Skywalker With His Head Crossed Out!

Just as in our post below – CBS admits that it set out to tear down Captain Picard because of his white male privilege – militant neo-marxist feminists lead by Kathleen Kennedy set out to destroy Luke Skywalker, turn him into a phony, unlikable, blue moof milker who abandoned everything be believed in all because he is a white male.

They even had to kill off Luke so that Master Leia Organa Skywalker trained Rey just to put an exclamation point on it. Of course it must be said, because of toxic SJW’s, even though Leia is a beloved character, her character choices Disney made in the last two Star Wars films were not story driven, they were driven by militant identity politics.

A video showing Disney Lucasfilm headquarters shows one of the posters with a red X through Luke’s face.

luke skywalkers face exxed out
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Disney Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has made it clear in multiple interviews that the legacy of Star Wars and George Lucas is not her concern, her concern is that “the force is female.” Kennedy has even gone as far to say that she doesn’t feel any need to cater to Star Wars fans. All this after promising to protect George’s characters to his face.

It is no wonder that Solo lost money and the last two Star Wars films, while making a profit grossly under performed. Disney Star Wars merchandise has sold so poorly that many stores either have stopped selling Star Wars altogether or only stock the original Lucas characters. Diamond Toys CEO has said that there is no demand for Disney Star Wars movies toys.

The only over-performing Star Wars products are The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars Season Seven which are ran by John Favreau (Iron man I & II) and Dave Filoni, neither of whom are willing to let Kathleen Kennedy near their product.

In response to all this are the two videos below that say it all SO well and I encourage you to watch them both. The first is from Anna, That Star Wars Girl who hits a complete home run in her passionate analysis:

The second video is a heart touching display of passion about genuine heroes and how important they are to young people and our culture. How anyone cannot love these guys is beyond reason:

(If the video doesn’t start at 10:05 you might wish to forward to there)

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