There is plenty to legitimately critique Judge Barrett on. So why are Dems going sleazy?

As Political Arena readers are well aware, we are not fans of the Democratic Party. The party leadership has been seized by big money interests, foreign actors such as the CCP, and pressure groups often funded with illegal money.  Their propaganda is rather effective but people are figuring out that constant attacks of “racist, bigot, sexist homophobe” either lack substance or are simply tools used to enrage and divide.

On the flip side, although we have been mostly happy with President Trump and we agree with at least 85% of his political sentiments, the President has been saddled by numerous  bad hires (as we previously discussed HERE) who have given him bad advice or actively resist. Trump’s Chiefs of Staff have been unwilling to fire those who need to be fired. Talk about draining the swamp – well drain it then. Put Ric Grenell in charge of it.

On the Judge Barrett hearings

Barrett has been attacked by Democrats for having adopted black children from Haiti, her womanhood was called into question. There are ads showing up on TV and social media attacking her character.

On “substance” they are attacking her for being pro-life and attacking her for an article she wrote correctly calling out Justice Roberts for his “implausible” ruling on Obamacare’s constitutionality.

Where Democrat’s really fear a Justice Barrett is that she was a lawyer on Bush v. Gore. She will give no quarter to the election rigging nonsense going on now, especially if it is judicially imposed.

The Democrat’s have confused their emotional attachment with Bush v. Gore and Obamacare with the public will. Bush v. Gore was correctly decided and after Obamacare the voters took Congress away from the Democrats in a decisive electoral smackdown.

If Democrats weren’t so emotionally enraged and started thinking, they would attack Barrett where she has real problems in her jurisprudence which would undermine her support among Republican voters. Democrats were never going to defeat a Barrett nomination, only Republicans can do that.

So where is Barrett weak?

We wrote about our substantive problems with Barrett’s rulings HERE and HERE.

In short – Judge Barrett is weak on the 4th amendment, often pretends like the 14th isn’t there and thinks that the Bill of Rights can be suspended so long a the government calls for an emergency (See her outrageous Jacobson v Mass citation and “reasoning” in the Illinois Governors shutdown ruling.) Barrett is Federalist Society establishment and a product of big academia, which Justice Scalia often wrote and spoke against. If anyone thinks that she will be a Justice that will reign in the abuses of the “Deep State” they had better think again.

Democrats are not attacking Barrett on these issues because they, for the most part, agree with the big academia view that the 4th, 14th and other Amendments are just not seen as limits on what government “can do to us”…in spite of the context in which they were passed and the plain language used. Democrats love the “Deep State” because they see it as a weapon that they by and large control. They love illegal mass surveillance programs as President Trump found out the hard way.

Judge Barrett is running intellectual rings around her Democrat inquisitors and it is fun to watch, but Roberts was even more impressive during his hearings….and he turned into the worst Republican appointment in decades.

We honestly hope a new Justice Barrett will buck the big academia/Federalist Society establishment and actually fight for our rights and the limits set in the Constitution.

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