FBI Director Wray Gone After Election: Hid Exculpatory Evidence from Gen. Flynn Trial – UPDATE: CIA Director Gina Haspel Hiding Documents

“The Swamp” as it has been so often called are the people who live around DC and are a part of a corrupt DC culture that has been allowed to exist for decades. The corruption is more than just ideological, it caters to big money interests such as the defense industry, mega corporations and the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated corporate surrogates. The Swamp behaves much like an amoeba as it defends itself from outsiders. They don’t much care who gets elected as most of them know they will outlast most presidential administrations.

Finding people willing to buck this culture is difficult as they know that if they can get rid of trump the swamp will be back in force and the careers of those who bucked it will be destroyed. This is why, in part, that Trump has had to fire so many people. Often times the ones Trump has put in charge of hiring, like Bob Corker (who hates Trump), made certain that Trump loyalists were kept out of the administration. This is why there are so many betrayals, leakers, trash book writers, leakers, Russia hoaxers etc.

Trump often faces massive bureaucratic resistance and his Chief’s of Staff have so far been unwilling to go on the proper firing sprees to put an end to it. President Trump’s previous Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, seemed to actively undermine Trump and let the White House NSC coordinate with Adam Schiff to try to impeach the President using manufactured evidence. Sessions, Comey, Mattis, Coats, Michael Atkinson, members of the NSC staff such as Vindmann and Ciarimella, were all actively working to undermine the administration. Trump almost made George Conway the Solicitor General (Conway hates Trump but applied for a job anyways). Trump promoted Rod Rosenstein who was a part of the Obamagate Russia Hoax conspiracy to manufacture Trump/Russia collusion evidence to get the President impeached.

Current White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been the best one so far, but that isn’t saying much. To us Meadows is lacks the will to wrestle “The Swamp” and get the federal bureaucracy working for us and not big money interests. There should be a Deputy Chief of Staff who has one sole job, find and fire resistors. Trump was elected, the lies of Comey and Wray were not. Obama fired plenty of patriotic flag officers and replaced them with hacks, many of whom are resting Trump in the Pentagon. They should all be fired.

Remember that when George H.W. Bush took office he started undoing President Reagan’s reforms on day one.

As far as getting bad advice, and we will make no friends for saying this but truth is truth, Judge Amy Barrett takes some policy positions she has ruled on which are in direct contradiction to Trump’s stated positions.

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell on this resistance. One of the people he is talking about is FBI Director Wray:

Newsmax TV has a GREAT report on what is going on with the FBI and how the White House has putting together a list of replacements. The heat to replace Director Wray increased after he lied to Congress in an obvious effort to undermine the President. Newsmax also has comments from one of the candidates to become FBI Director, famed attorney Sidney Powell.


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