Donna Brazile Sent More CNN Debate Questions to Clinton in Advance

Just when you thought that the sleaze was coming to an end, round three.

Via WikiLeaks we know know that once again DNC Vice Chair (now chair) Donna Brazile somehow got more of CNN’s debate questions in advance and forwarded them to Hillary’s campaign. The questions were about “Who Built this Nation” and “income inequality.”

Read the email from Donna Brazile to HIllary’s campaign staff HERE.

The Daily Caller on 11/7 reported more details:

Secretary Clinton, yesterday you were in St. Louis, and you talked about carpenters and the rebuilding of the country, the folks who built this nation. And, both you and Senator Sanders have significant union support, yet many of the trade unions that — we walk about built the country, they’ve locked out black folks and other minorities for decades. Would you, even right now, and even as president, call a meeting with the trade unions and say it’s time for you to open up those doors and bring in more African-Americans and Hispanics, and others be because those are high-paying jobs. And, if we keep saying rebuild America with a huge infrastructure and billions of dollars, they’re the ones who are going to do it. And, black folks and others are going to be left on the outside looking in.


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