Trump Wins!


Donald Trump and Mike Pence have won the White House with what will look like, when all votes are counted, a commanding electoral vote victory.

The cards were all but on the table when early returns showed Hillary Clinton with only a narrow lead over Donald Trump in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Why?

In Ohio, the Northern part of the state particularly around Cleveland, is a heavy Democrat area. The Southern parts of Ohio which are Republican strongholds always have their returns reported later.

The same can be said of North Carolina as the East Coast tends to vote Democrat. Their returns come in first with the Western Republican areas coming in in later.

The same can also be said with Florida as Northern Florida, particularly the pan handle, is a GOP stronghold. Because of the time difference the panhandle polls are open an hour later.

Both campaigns are well aware of the above.

What this writer did not expect is how well Trump did in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Trump even overcame the usual amounts of vote fraud and illegal aliens voting (because of Motor Voter legislation). There is no question that a great many traditional union Democrats and minorities voted for Trump in those areas.

They laughed at Trump for campaigning in Democrat strongholds. No one is laughing now.

Even though yours truly is dead tired and has a fever of 102, this is the first election I have been excited about since Ronald Reagan.

Get some sleep. The work starts tomorrow.