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Flashback: KKK leader endorsed Hillary. Donated $20k. (video)

Obama and Hillary have brought up the KKK this week in an act of desperation. We don’t even bother talking about the KKK here for the simple reason that they have next to no membership and are effectively irrelevant. Let … Continue reading

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Carly Fiorina: Hillary has escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo. She must not be President (video).

This speaks for itself.

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Clinton Campaign email shows top staff aware Hillary signed off on foreign arms deals in exchange for CGI donations

Hillary, as Secretary of State, sold American uranium to the Russians and signed off on weapons deals to foreign countries, but only after they donated money to the Clinton Foundation (CGI). And even though this story has been reported in … Continue reading

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Stuart Varney: State Department Under Hillary Was For Sale (video)

Stuart Varney asks, do we want this in the White House again?

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Associated Press Asks Clinton Campaign If They Should Steer Away From Email Investigation Story

Thanks to WikiLeaks we have dozens of emails showing reporters willing to do the bidding of the campaign, edit their stories, change quotes and we now know that debate moderators gave Clinton debate questions in advance. This is just the … Continue reading

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Survey Shows Trump Voters Have More Political Knowledge

Daily Wire: A new survey provides evidence that supporters of Donald Trump tend to be more knowledgeable than Hillary Clinton supporters. The survey, conducted by Conquest Communications Group and published by Just Facts, asked respondents 23 questions regarding education, taxes, … Continue reading

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