DNC Chair Donna Brazile in internal campaign mails: economy, people in despair…..


Donna Brazile seems like such a sweet lady. Look at that bright smile! She wouldn’t lie to you would she?

UPDATE – Donna Brazile received debate questions from CNN in advance and passed them to Hillary. Caught lying about it – LINK.

…….but we now know thanks to tens of thousands of leaked documents via WikiLeaks, congressional investigations, and the courts mandating the release of government documents, that virtually the entire Democratic Party leadership is a corrupt lying cabal that is enriching itself and their donors at our expense…

……and the corporate media either ignores it or simply reports on their web site so they can say that they covered it, which is why you missed it on the front page and on the network news.

[NOTE: The previous Democrat Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to step down after leaked emails show that she improperly used the resources and personnel of the DNC to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.] 

On Twitter, Democratic Party Chairman Donna Brazile tells us that the economy is just great!

And in emails among top Hillary Clinton campaign staffers she says very differently:


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