The so called “Alt-Right” the press squawks about isn’t a movement, it’s a few trolls on the internet…

…a few trolls on the internet who have next to no voice, which makes it easy for the far left and their agents in the elite media to associate them with anyone they chose to target.

So after hearing about this “alt right” ad nausium in recent weeks, this writer decided to take a look at just who this is.

As we stated earlier, yours truly has been involved in the grass roots since Reagan. I have never met a single person who describes himself as “alt right.” The only person I am aware of who speaks for them is is Milo Yiannopoulos, who describes himself as a Gay, Greek, Jew with a black boy friend.

Yiannopoulos says that the alt-right is all about defending the ideas of Western Civilization, which is the best thing for diversity as it helps keep minorities like himself safe. This rings true with us as the radical left has conspired, and they are open about it in their own writings, to bring down Western Civilization by screaming “racist”, “sexist” etc.

Being skeptical that Milo and the media are even talking about the same people and knowing full well that said elite media is all too eager to present any fringe person as a poster child,  I got on the net and went in search of names of the most terrible and I found several. The biggest name on the internet I found mentioned is Brian Ruhe. Examining Ruhe’s YouTube channel shows that most of his videos have about 150 hits. On the net such a number is virtually zero.

In comparison, YouTube singer “Arcadian Walnut” who did a cover of “If I Only Had  Heart” in her bedroom has almost 17,000 views.

Brian Ruhe and his ilk are not a movement, they are a handful of internet trolls talking to each other and this writer would be willing to bet that most of his hits are from reporters and academics who want something to write about.

It is so obvious that it doesn’t even need to be said, Donald Trump has nothing to do with these people, and this is yet another press smear operation.