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Hell Freezes Over: MSNBC Panel Blasts “Clinton Inc.” Corruption & Media Cover Up (video)

You ask someone to watch Fox News saying these things and a Democrat will just laugh it off and refuse to even look at the evidence. This is the full MSNBC panel, including Mika Brzezinski, calling out the “Clinton Empire” and … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Top Staff on Her Illegal Email Server, “There Is Just No Good Answer”

Democrats say that this email thing is “just BS” and here is why. In spite of the fact that we are literally talking about hundreds of thousands of violations of the Federal Records Act. We are also talking about, with … Continue reading

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Government electronic surveillance up 500 percent in D.C.-area. Docs reveal AT&T spying on Americans for profit.

Is this politically motivated surveillance like was done to James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, or the AP?  Is it because we have millions of unvetted immigrants both legal and illegal that we need a surveillance state to at least try to … Continue reading

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