Erin Morgart’s Washington Examiner Interview

This writer s very fortunate to be friends with three of the most successful and beautiful  fitness trainers in the world, Lori Hendry (pic), Christine Lakatos (pic), and Erin Morgart (pic). They are all brilliant, traditional in their point of view and influential in political circles.

Erin Morgart

Our pal Erin Morgart was interviewed at The Washington Examiner by Steve Contorno and we are happy to bring that to you:

Morgart is a model and the reigning Ms. United Nations USA, as well as Mrs. Galaxy Virginia International 2012. She is also a certified trainer who was voted one of the top 10 fitness trainers by FitTV.

It’s the time of the year when people have made New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. What can people do to stick to their goals?

For people not to get discouraged, having an accountability workout partner is key. That way you can stay on track and keep each other in check. I have several clients who meet with me once a week, and that’s just to do vitals, blood pressure, weight and body fat. You have to look at it as a lifestyle change. It’s not the next four months or six months, but a new way of living. It’s eating to live and not living to eat. Find a group and find that support system that will help them in check.

Is there a trick for people who want to know what kind of workout can help them achieve their goals?

It helps to find someone that you want to look like, you ask them what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. … You find that out and you emulate what they do.

How important is it for people to have a healthy lifestyle from a young age?

When I was in Hawaii, I also worked with a lot of young people and pediatricians. They had kids that had been prescreneed for diabetes, and the biggest thing I heard from parents was “I don’t have time for this.” It starts with the parents and the families. They need to break bad behaviors and join the YMCA, and then it becomes a family thing.


The Truth About “Universal Background Checks” On Gun Sales

By Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

UPDATEATF Seeks ‘Massive’ Database of Personal Info: ‘Assets, Relatives, Associates and More’

UPDATEComprehensive Law Enforcement Survey Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Proposed Gun Control Legislation

UPDATESenate Universal Background Check Bill Designed To Land You In Prison

UPDATEComprehensive Law Enforcement Survey Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Proposed Gun Control Legislation

UPDATE – Missouri Democrat political appointees illegally hand over all CCW information of citizens in the state to the Social Security Administration and the ATF and lied about it until caught – LINK.

The Obama Administration has admitted that the only way to have what they are erroneously calling a “universal background check” is to have total gun registration. The eventual purpose for such registration schemes is confiscation.

The left says that they do not want to take away guns from citizens. Fine, if you don’t want to take them than you don’t need to know what I have.

The left has always opposed putting mental health records in the current instant background check system called NICS (a system that the NRA pioneered and the left opposed).

Just a few months before the shooting there was a bill in Connecticut that would have allowed family and police to have someone forcibly evaluated for 48 hours – the left was able to defeat the bill. The ACLU said that people have a right to be mentally ill (no kidding).

The shooters mother was trying to get her son committed against his will and the political left stopped it from happening.

In the case of James Holmes and Jarrod Loughner, they had contacts with police and the police knew they were dangerously mentally ill and they refused to call it in. All of the laws in the world are useless when the police  fail to utilize them.

[Editor’s Note: In the case of Jarrod Loughner who committed the Gabby Giffords shooting, Loughner had multiple contacts with university police and the sheriff’s department. The police reports show that they knew Loughner was dangerously mentally ill. Arizona has the law in place to have people forcibly evaluated. All they had to do was dial a 1-800 number to get it done. The sheriff’s department did not do so because Loughner’s mother is a supervisor in the county parks department. That same sheriff is the one who came out to blame Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for the shooting.]

Speaking of background checks, How about the Obama Administration enforce the back ground check system we have now.  It stopped 70,000 ineligible people from getting guns, over 15,000 of which were felons trying to trick the system, and guess how many the Obama Administration prosecuted for trying to get a gun  – 44.

Obama lets 15,000 felons WALK and then says he needs to restrict you and me? Give me a break.

Why is it that Chicago has the worst gun crime and the lowest enforcement of gun laws against criminals? It is no accident.

The simple truth is this, Joe crack head with a .25 or an untreated paranoid schizophrenic with a stolen gun is not a threat to a leviathan state, good people with the ability to defend their freedom with effective means are.