The Truth About “Universal Background Checks” On Gun Sales

By Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

UPDATEATF Seeks ‘Massive’ Database of Personal Info: ‘Assets, Relatives, Associates and More’

UPDATEComprehensive Law Enforcement Survey Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Proposed Gun Control Legislation

UPDATESenate Universal Background Check Bill Designed To Land You In Prison

UPDATEComprehensive Law Enforcement Survey Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Proposed Gun Control Legislation

UPDATE – Missouri Democrat political appointees illegally hand over all CCW information of citizens in the state to the Social Security Administration and the ATF and lied about it until caught – LINK.

The Obama Administration has admitted that the only way to have what they are erroneously calling a “universal background check” is to have total gun registration. The eventual purpose for such registration schemes is confiscation.

The left says that they do not want to take away guns from citizens. Fine, if you don’t want to take them than you don’t need to know what I have.

The left has always opposed putting mental health records in the current instant background check system called NICS (a system that the NRA pioneered and the left opposed).

Just a few months before the shooting there was a bill in Connecticut that would have allowed family and police to have someone forcibly evaluated for 48 hours – the left was able to defeat the bill. The ACLU said that people have a right to be mentally ill (no kidding).

The shooters mother was trying to get her son committed against his will and the political left stopped it from happening.

In the case of James Holmes and Jarrod Loughner, they had contacts with police and the police knew they were dangerously mentally ill and they refused to call it in. All of the laws in the world are useless when the police  fail to utilize them.

[Editor’s Note: In the case of Jarrod Loughner who committed the Gabby Giffords shooting, Loughner had multiple contacts with university police and the sheriff’s department. The police reports show that they knew Loughner was dangerously mentally ill. Arizona has the law in place to have people forcibly evaluated. All they had to do was dial a 1-800 number to get it done. The sheriff’s department did not do so because Loughner’s mother is a supervisor in the county parks department. That same sheriff is the one who came out to blame Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin for the shooting.]

Speaking of background checks, How about the Obama Administration enforce the back ground check system we have now.  It stopped 70,000 ineligible people from getting guns, over 15,000 of which were felons trying to trick the system, and guess how many the Obama Administration prosecuted for trying to get a gun  – 44.

Obama lets 15,000 felons WALK and then says he needs to restrict you and me? Give me a break.

Why is it that Chicago has the worst gun crime and the lowest enforcement of gun laws against criminals? It is no accident.

The simple truth is this, Joe crack head with a .25 or an untreated paranoid schizophrenic with a stolen gun is not a threat to a leviathan state, good people with the ability to defend their freedom with effective means are.

5 thoughts on “The Truth About “Universal Background Checks” On Gun Sales”

  1. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that truth isn’t simple, so every time I read “simple truth” I have to re-translate it mentally as “biased oversimplification”. Your article is no exception.

    You state that (the admin says) the only way to achieve universal background checks is to have total gun registration. I’ll accept that as “probable truth” because it’s logical. Then you state flatly that the ONLY purpose for that is confiscation, without any backing for the argument. That’s “probable nonsense”. But let’s try your logic on other examples.

    By that rule, that the only reason for an outside authority to know you have the capability of causing harm is to restrict your freedom, there’s no reason for anyone in the health care system to test and record a person’s HIV or TB status, because the only reason for knowing is to be able to put them in a cell to prevent the spread of diseases. The only reason for the police to know if you’ve had a previous drunk-driving conviction would be in order to make sure if stopped for speeding, you lose your license for life, because you might kill someone with your car. Sorry. There are reasons all along the line between the incompetent enforcement of laws you rightfully note, and the extremely unlikely action of confiscation – because even though you might hate Obama, he still ISN’T a Nazi, and half of Congress is in the NRA’s pocket.

    The public’s right to be protected from the dangers of unauthorized OR unsafe gun use, storage and ownership is more important than having an unbridled Second Amendment.


    Political Arena Editor Responds:

    The problem with your “logic” is that it is self serving, unreasonable and goes against a great deal of history.

    Your “logic” assumes that criminals will get in line to register guns. Ask Canada if gun registration works to reduce crime. Ask Mexico if gun bans reduce crime. They know well that it doesn’t and history validates our point of view, which is the same view as the SCOTUS and the Founders.

    Also, what is so unreasonable about asking Obama to enforce the laws we have now first before infringing on the “unbridled Second Amendment”. After all it only says “shall not be infringed”.

    As far as gun registration being a pretext to confiscation:

    1 – Ottoman Turkey 1915-1917. The Armenian slaughter (mostly Christians). 1-1.5 million dead. The gun law used to disarm the victims before the mass slaughter:

    Art. 166, Pen. Code, 1866 & 1911 Proclamation, 1915

    • Permits required •Government list of owners •Ban on possession

    2 – Soviet Union 1929-1945. Those slaughtered Political opponents; farming communities, minorities and Ukrainians –
    20 million dead. The gun law used to disarm them:

    Resolutions, 1918, Decree, July 12, 1920 Art. 59 & 182, Pen. code, 1926

    •Licensing of owners •Ban on possession

    3 – Nazi Germany & Occupied Europe 1933-1945. Those slaughtered political opponents; Jews; Gypsies; critics; “examples”. Number killed 20 million. Law used to disrm them:

    Law on Firearms & Ammunition, 1928, Weapon Law, March 18, 1938, Regulations against Jews, 1938

    •Registration & Licensing •Stricter handgun laws •Ban on possession

    4 – Nationalist China 1927-1949. Those disarmed Political opponents; army conscripts. Number killed 10 million. Gun law used to disarm them:

    Art. 205, Crim. Code, 1914, Art. 186-87, Crim. Code, 1935

    •Government permit system •Ban on private ownership

    5 – Red China 1949-1976. Those disarmed and then killed political opponents; rural populations; enemies of the state. Number killed 20-35 million. Lww used to disarm them:

    Act of Feb. 20, 1951, Act of Oct. 22, 1957

    •Prison or death to “counter-revolutionary criminals” and anyone resisting any government program •Death penalty for supply guns to such “criminals”

    6 – Guatemala 1960-1981. Those disarmed and killed Mayans & other Indians; political enemies. Number killed
    100,000-200,000. Law used to diarm them:

    Decree 36, Nov 25 •Act of 1932, Decree 386, 1947, Decree 283, 1964

    •Register guns & owners •Licensing with high fees •Prohibit carrying guns •Bans on guns, sharp tools •Confiscation powers

    7 – Uganda 1971-1979. This disarmed and then slaughtered Christians & Political enemies. Number slaughtered
    300,000. Law used to disarm them:

    Firearms Ordinance, 1955; Firearms Act, 1970

    •Register all guns & owners •Licenses for transactions •Warrantless searches •Confiscation powers

    8 – Cambodia (Khmer Rouge) 1975-1979. Those disarmed then killed educated Persons; political enemies. Number slaughtered 2 million. Gun law used to disarm them:

    Art. 322-328, Penal Code, Royal Ordinance 55, 1938

    •Licenses for guns, owners, ammunition & transactions •Photo ID with fingerprints •License inspected quarterly

    9 – Rwanda 1994. Those disarmed and then killed – Tutsi people. Number slaughtered 800,000. Law use dto disarm them:

    Decree-Law No. 12, 1979

    •Register guns, owners, ammunition •Owners must justify need •Concealable guns illegal •Confiscating powers

    So let me get this straight. You put forth what is laughingly called “logic” in the face of the cold reality of 100 million people killed who were first disarmed in the name of crime control.

    You are right about one thing. Obama is not a Nazi. However his father was jailed for fomenting communist revolution. His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an academic who wrote about and advocated what is known as “critical theory” – which is communism on steroids. His childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, wrote for the Communist Party newspaper. His preacher of 20 years who married him and helped raise his children, Rev. Wright, is a self professed communist. The man who hired him to work on local activist boards and got him a job at the University of Chicago is William Ayers, was a communist revolutionary who bombed people in the United States and got off on a technicality.

    His intellectual mentor was Saul Alinsky, who wrote a book called Rules for Radicals that tells how to foment communist revolution here in the United States. In his own book, Obama said that he sought out marxist and communist radicals in college. Obama’s campaign manager David Axelrod; his parents wrote the Communist Party newspaper in Chicago. Obama’s former Communications Director Anita Dunn, says that Mao is the philosopher she looks to the most. His former green jobs czar” Van Jones started a group called STORM to foment communist revolution in the United States. And Obama’s science advisors John Holdren and Zeke Emanuel wrote a book to solve “population control” that endorsed forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations. And don’t even get me started on Cass Sunstien.

    Obama and the left are pushing the crimes of a handful of untreated schizophrenics onto 80 million gun owners (most of whom are his political enemies) and you say that WE are the one with the hate problem?

    Speaking of hate. This is the administration that sent 3,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels so that he would have an excuse to attack the Second Amendment. The result was a great deal of innocent bloodshed. The overwhelming evidence from the ATF whistle-blowers is posted on this very site. The Obama administration lumps Christians along with violent terror groups in Homeland Security Reports and now the administration has done it again in military training materials. There is only one reason to preach such dehumanization to the police and military.

    In the same spirit of militant callousness Obama is sending tanks and F-16’s to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is publicly crucifying their political enemies and has been using armored vehicles against unarmed Christians. The administration is also sending guns to Al-Qaeda and other jihadists in Syria. Those weapons are now flowing into Jordan and it seems that pro-western Jordan will be toppled next.

    In a drone attack the administration killed an innocent 16 year old American boy. When called on it the administration said that “he chose the wrong father”. What if Bush had done the things listed above? What would the reaction from the left be? And you wonder why we refuse to give up our only means of defense.

    Lastly, we noticed that you did not attempt to post even a residue of verifiable evidence in your comment and all you managed to accomplish was posting some empty, unimpressive ridicule.

    Thank you for reading Mikey and have a nice day.

    1. I had no interest in writing a “counter-post” in the form of a comment. It’s your responsibility to prove your case, not mine to dis-prove it with evidence. Questioning your premise is sufficient. A comment is a reaction. You did provide historical examples in your reply, but every case in your list that noted the actions of a dictatorship is irrelevant and can’t be compared to our situation, because we aren’t a dictatorship and never have been. Of course a dictatorship has motives toward confiscation! Thanks for the clarification that you think Obama is a Communist, or taught by commies, or guilt-by-associationish commie-ish enough we should all worry. I’m not. You have a nice day too 🙂


      Political Arena Editor responds:

      Oh come now Mikey, there is old fashioned guilt by association, which is often unfair, but in this case the associations are so great and so often that they are obviously choices. Granted we cannot chose our parents, but as for the rest he made those choices, and he made those choices again and again and again. I suspect that your attempt to just chalk that massive list up to a “guilt by association” play is meant as humor, because I do not expect even you seriously believe that he made those choices through no fault of his own and/or they are just a coincidence.

      As far as the rest of the choices he has made, there is certainly a militant callousness he has. So I am not surprised in the least that you chose to ignore the evidence and not post any of your own. You are a common leftist Mikey in that you will never let facts or history get in the way of what you decide to believe.

      I would like to remind you, as if it matters, that many dictators are elected as were many on that list.
      While you claim that they do not apply to today (how typical of a leftist to ignore all history), they absolutely do apply today, in that almost all were done by leftist governments and all of the gun laws were passed in the name of in the name of “crime control”. You also should understand, that since virtually every major leftist and progressive thinker fully endorses the use of deception to further the aims of the leviathan state (read their books), no serious student of history who believes in the American Cause would believe anything you or what any other leftist has to say about your “good intentions” when it comes to trashing the Bill of Rights.

      You mentioned evidence, since I posted some and you did not, it is my premises that are left to stand, not yours. If you take a debate class before you graduate you might learn about such things. While I am sure that in your own mind “because you say so” automatically makes things true, I hope you understand that no one else is moved by such proclamations.

      “Freedom is a bourgeois prejudice. We repudiate all morality which proceeds from supernatural ideas or ideas which are outside the class conception. In our opinion, morality is entirely subordinate to the interests of the class war. Everything is moral which is necessary for the annihilation of the old exploiting order and for uniting the proletariat. Our morality consists solely in close discipline and conscious warfare against the exploiters.” – V.I. Lenin

      Thanks for reading.

      1. In fact, Mikey, if you had studied your history in school, you would know that more than a few of the “dictators” on the above list were elected, before they became dictators. On the path to becoming a dictator, gun registration and gun confiscation were just two of the tools that they used to cement their power.

        Vladimir Lenin was a broadly loved hero of “The Revolution,” before he confiscated the guns and turned on the people who put him in power, by imposing a dictatorial rule on those trusting people.

        Adolph Hitler was “ELECTED!” Moreover, he was elected by overwhelming popular vote! In fact, he was elected not only by Germany, but by a similar overwhelming popular vote in Austria. But he didn’t have to impose gun registration. That was already in place, from a 1928 law that required separate licenses to own, carry, buy, sell or manufacture guns or ammo. Hitler just took it to the next step and used those registrations to identify which of those who opposed him owned guns and seize them. Hitler’s 1938 gun law specifically prohibited Jews from owning guns, which of course, made the Holocaust possible. All this was from someone who was elected by overwhelming majority. He only seized dictatorial powers later.

        The people of Communist China thought that their “Revolution” would free them and make their lives better. But the communist leadership first registered and then confiscated the guns of the honest people of China and those people soon became “subjects”.

        The list goes on. Whether a dictator seized power violently, was elevated through revolution or was elected by popular vote, all modern dictators have used gun registration and confiscation, “for the safety of the people,” to disarm those who might oppose their dictatorial rule, followed by the murder of those who voice any opposition to the dictatorship.

  2. “The public’s right to be protected from the dangers of unauthorized OR unsafe gun use, storage and ownership is more important than having an unbridled Second Amendment.”

    That’s breathtaking. Mikey, you just made a strong argument for limiting computer and Internet access for persons such as yourself. No reason you need an unbridled 1st Amendment. I have a right to be protected from unsafe usage of free speech.

    Political Arena Editor responds:

    Also, if he has the right to trample on our Second Amendement rights because he has deluded himself into thinking it makes him safer than his point of view presumes guilt on our part. Such a presumption stands in violation of the 5th, 6th and 14th amendments.

  3. Well, I never. I am in total agreement with the journalist here, The only reason the Left wants this information is to locate and confiscate. If these Leftists would look to the history recorded above, and if they were not so arrogant as to believe their superiority over all others, they would see what we’re saying. The Democrat Representative Diana DeGette is a beautiful example of the true meaning of blatant Nazism. She has no interaction of feeling with other humans. DeGette is very dangerous-she is pushing an agenda she most likely does not understand. Heil Obama.
    The one reason that this terrible and sad slaughter occurred in Connecticut is because of the political correctness that the Left has forced on all of us. The mother waited too long-afraid of what people might think. The police fell down. If there had been a metal detector in the doorway of the school-and a principal or guard this would not have happened. I have thought about this problem of the left. I cannot understand what their reasoning is except just what it was on the playground in the 3rd grade. The bullies and spoiled control freaks have never found peace in themselves. They obviously can’t stand themselves-

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