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Erin Morgart’s Washington Examiner Interview

This writer s very fortunate to be friends with three of the most successful and beautiful  fitness trainers in the world, Lori Hendry (pic), Christine Lakatos (pic), and Erin Morgart (pic). They are all brilliant, traditional in their point of … Continue reading

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California “Millionaires Tax” to treat mentally ill, used for other purposes…..

No matter what the tax is, it is sold to help fund “the children”, “the sick”, “the disabled”…. and what kind of sick greedy capitalist bastard are YOU to oppose it!! YOU HATE CHILDREN!! The good ole “bait and switch” … Continue reading

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Five-Point Action Plan for President Obama to Reduce Violence by the Mentally Ill

By our new friend D. J. Jaffe. [Editor’s Note: D. J. Jaffe maintains a list of links and information about mental health policy. His work is a must read for anyone interested in public safety.] President Obama said the federal … Continue reading

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It’s mental health that is the problem, not guns – UPDATED

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton Liberal activists stopped new laws in Connecticut that could have helped Adam Lanza get the mental help he needed….. [Political Arena Editor’s Note: Before we get onto the the disturbing details, this very writer … Continue reading

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Canadian health care rationing ‘a crisis for Quebec women’

Montreal Gazette: MONTREAL — Surgery wait times for deadly ovarian, cervical and breast cancers in Quebec are three times longer than government benchmarks, leading some desperate patients to shop around for an operating room. But that’s a waste of time, … Continue reading

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British Socialized Health Service Kills Off 130,000 Elderly Every Year

And Obama tried to appoint Don Berwick as a senior HHS official who believed that the British socialized rationed system was “the” model. UK Daily Mail: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year Professor says doctors use ‘death … Continue reading

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60% of Doctors say ObamaCare will have a negative impact on overall patient care

Heritage: The American public doesn’t support Obamacare, and a new survey shows that doctors have an even worse opinion. No one has a better grasp on the state of the health care system than physicians, and according to the Doctors … Continue reading

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