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Colion Noir: Elite media aren’t journalists they are opportunistic propagandists (video)

Joe Biden, when that super-storm hits, guess who WONT be there – YOU.

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Idiot Of The Year: Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) (VIDEO)

Anti-self defense zealot Congressman Diana DeGette (D-Colorado) tells a senior citizen who is concerned about self defense that he is probably going to die anyways. But the stupidity doesn’t stop there…. Congresswoman Degette has been a primary sponsor of federal … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz: Obama Admin Admits “Universal Back Ground Checks” Really A Gun Registration Scheme (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz: The Obama administration has admitted that whet they are calling  “Universal Back Ground Checks” is really a gun registration scheme. Gun registration only has one purpose as history has proved that gun registries have no impact on … Continue reading

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