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Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney – The Parody! (video)

This video is a bit of an oversimplification, but in our experience it is certainly directionally accurate.

Via Julie Borowski:

This is what the typical conversation with a Mitt Romney supporter sounds like. They are more anti-Obama than pro-Mitt. How did we get stuck with two terrible choices again? *Sigh*

A look at how Obama and Nixon responded to scandals (video)

Bob Woodward: I would not dismiss Benghazi as merely politics; compares it to Watergate:

IJR: You’re Right, Obama is No Nixon: Tricky Dick was an Amateur – LINK.

Senator Ted Cruz: Obama Administration does not respect the Bill of Rights. Eric Holder should resign. Obama should tell the truth. They are telling flat-out falsehoods:

Dr. Walter Williams: Why Americans deserve the IRS – LINK.

White House: Scandals don’t exist…. – LINK.