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Demonstration: Evil high powered AR-15 vs Joe Biden approved shotgun (video)

Joe Biden and the left say that the AR-15 is an over powered killing machine. Joe Biden says that people should just go buy a shotgun instead. Oh really? Of course the truth is that an AR-15 is little more … Continue reading

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National Research Council: Telling both sides “confuses children”

Once again, never does a week go buy were we do not see the most fantastic idiocy coming from the public education sector. Even many of the authors of the now thoroughly discredited UN IPCC report on global warming, which … Continue reading

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New regulations create more wealth for Obama’s “green cronies”

Use junk science, arbitrary regulations, and abuse of enforcement and licensing to restrict energy at home to raise energy prices so Obama’s “green donors”, who are profiting not from the market, but from massive tax payer support, can make more … Continue reading

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South Bend Democrat operative pleads guilty to vote fraud

Remember this story? Four Democrats from South Bend, St. Joseph County Democratic Party Chair Butch Morgan, St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration’s member Pam Brunette, Board of Voter Registration worker Beverly Shelton and Democratic volunteer and former board worker … Continue reading

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A warning to America from a Chinese immigrant: You can only make this mistake once… (video)

God bless this good man.

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70% of Texas school districts adopt curriculum pushing communist indoctrination (video)

And the legislature did not become aware of it until 875 school districts had already adopted the program. The curriculum, called CSCOPE, includes a list that shows capitalism on the bottom of the list of “just economic systems” along with … Continue reading

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