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Teachers flock to Northwestern University “Marxism Conference”

UPDATE – Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmonov on how the KGB targeted public education: Most parents have no idea how well marxists, communists and similar far left radicals have infiltrated our public education system. We have been covering this story … Continue reading

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Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums by 55-85% in Ohio

I am in Indiana and my premiums just went up by a factor of 12 – Editor Forbes: Individual-market premiums to increase by as much as 85 percent In August of 2011, the Ohio Department of Insurance retained Milliman, the … Continue reading

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Obama’s IRS targeting small business, less focus on mega-corps

Breitbart News: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recoups $702 in taxes for every hour it spends auditing small businesses, versus $9,173 an hour for auditing large corporations. But under Barack Obama, audits of small and medium-sized businesses have skyrocketed. So … Continue reading

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Canadian health care rationing ‘a crisis for Quebec women’

Montreal Gazette: MONTREAL — Surgery wait times for deadly ovarian, cervical and breast cancers in Quebec are three times longer than government benchmarks, leading some desperate patients to shop around for an operating room. But that’s a waste of time, … Continue reading

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How important is cultural diversity at your school? (video)

What did you learn from this? After some time I will post what I learned – Editor

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