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Veterans and Newspapers Blast Obama on Benghazigate

Be sure to read about the lies and more lies from this administration. Also see Benghazigate part I (warning: long) and Benghazigate part II. If you have read the above you know that President Obama watched in live video feed from our drones … Continue reading

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How CNN rigged the poll to make the race “A dead heat”

It is just a fact of journalism today that most polls are designed to make news, create drama, conflict and partisan bias. They are not designed to reflect the mood of the nation properly and not designed to be honest. … Continue reading

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More incidents of union thugs busted stealing Romney signs….

There are several reports like this one from the Toledo Blade around the country. Toledo Blade: Perrysburg police today issued misdemeanor citations to four men for allegedly being in possession of stolen political signs. Those charged with receiving stolen property … Continue reading

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Still no federal assistance on Staten Island. Mayor Bloomberg turns away national guard help. Obama not leading….

This is a disaster and this is not partisanship, it is a cold reality. The federal response in New York and parts of New Jersey is not going well. After 72 hours FEMA and the military should be engaged full … Continue reading

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