Establishment GOP Pinheads “blame the voters”…..

I am sure readers have heard by now that Mitt Romney is blaming the 47% who is “on the take” and “isn’t paying taxes”.

Political Arena contributor Warren Roche put together this brilliant and entertaining montage, “Where is the love?”:

While it was impolitic for Mitt to include veterans and retirees in that number there is some truth to it, but in saying it they way he did left him open to be demagogued and attacked as hating retires, the disabled and veterans.

How many times will Republicans get whacked in the “battle of the narratives” before they learn? Or is the current crew in charge so used to fooling themselves that they have to be swept out for the party to have a chance in future elections?

At least some people get it:

I just think it’s nuts. First of all it is insulting. It is like WalMart after a bad week saying “The customers are being unruly”. – Newt Gingrich

“You have a political problem when the voters don’t like you, but you have a real problem when the voters feel like you don’t like them”. – George Will

Governor Bobby Jindal:

Yours truly had this to say a few days ago in Facebook Notes:

Much of the blue collar in this country used to be solidly in the Republican corner, but they feel like they have been lied to and taken for granted. Since the 2003 Bush tax cuts there have been ZERO domestic policy victories for this group of voters. That is why they are disillusioned and believe that no matter who they vote for government will just gets bigger, the economy will just get smaller while jobs dry up and flee the country. They feel squeezed and while they know that the Democrats are bad, they no longer have confidence in the Republican party. That is why these voters are staying home.

What isn’t helping is Republicans with an entitlement mentality who actually have the nerve to believe that just because the Democrat in power is a failed neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky radical that the man they cram down our throats is entitled to the blue collar conservative vote, and when they don’t get it they call them imbeciles.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz gets it as well and comments on why so many blue collar Republicans stayed home again:

Senator Marco Rubio:

Fordham University Censors Ann Coulter, College Republicans

UPDATE: O’Reilly Factor goes to Fordham University – VIDEO

Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate:

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Censorship is a huge problem in public schools and universities and most parents have no idea. If you doubt it simply go to where you can see literally thousands of examples of illegal censorship and retaliation by academics and university administrators. The site is updated almost daily with new examples.

To see real life examples of incredible censorship and retaliation on video go HERE.

Republican Security Council:

Fordham President Joseph McShane, S.J. expressed his “disgust” with College Republicans for inviting Ann Coulter to campus, and the invitation has now been withdrawn. He sent an e-mail to all students and parents accusing her of “hate speech.”

Fordham’s 2006 commencement speaker was MSNBC host Chris Matthews. The university did not even wait for Coulter to give her speech before condemning her.

Robert Shibley of The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said “Can Fordham’s adult students not be trusted to make up their own minds about the views expressed by a speaker? Does Father McShane believe Coulter is so diabolically clever that her use of ‘disgusting’ rhetoric will somehow fool Fordham students into believing what she wants them to believe? If so, he has a significantly lower opinion of the quality of American college students than I do.

“If Fordham students truly lack the ability to listen to an invited speaker, separate rhetoric from reality, and make up their own minds, then Fordham has much graver problems than Ann Coulter coming to campus.”

Coulter is shown answering questions at the Yale Political Union. The Yale Daily News said “Love her or hate her, it is impossible to ignore Ann Coulter. She’s made a career out of being a firebrand.” Below are a few of her more quotable moments at Yale:

“Liberals love mobs because they see them as their path to power.”

“I love the argument that illegal immigrants need a path to citizenship. We have a path to citizenship: it’s called legal immigration.”

“Every single thing President Obama has done is designed to wreck the economy and drive up the unemployment rate. It’s like he took everything Reagan did right and did exactly the opposite.”

“As long as Obama’s playing golf, he isn’t socializing anything else.”