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Two-thirds of millionaires leave Britain to avoid 50% tax rate

It is an undeniable truth of life that wealth, capital and labor go where they are treated well. It is this economic truth more than any other that prevents socialism, communism, fascism, and kleptocracy from yielding positive economic benefits in the long … Continue reading

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British Meteorology Office: No Global Warming for 16 Years

The British Meteorology Office, commonly referred to as the “British Met” has been on the paranoid tip of global warming fraud and alarmism for years. After the Climategate scandal where “top” climate scientists own emails revealed that they were rigging some data-sets and hiding others to make it … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is the last playground of the philosophers – Gene Roddenberry (video)

We have said many times here at Political Arena that just quoting people facts and Lincoln-Douglass style debate isn’t enough. In order to teach the great lessons of life and deeper wisdom, it must be done through stories and narratives. … Continue reading

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