Open Letter to Indiana Republicans

Indiana Republicans: We have gotten a great deal of policy heavy lifting done in recent years; Right To Work, School Choice, government union reform, budget reform, the South Bend to Indianapolis highway etc.

While some issues and tweaks need to still be made you must keep in mind that you are NOT the sovereign people’s nanny. Smoking bans and other nonsense that regulate every day life are what will get you tossed out of office over time as people get sick of that kind of legislating because that is not what Republican voters send you there to do.

Do not engage in what George Orwell called “the pansy left” by focusing in on “problems” that are really non-problems just so you can say that you did “something to protect the children”. Fred Upton’s light bulb ban (which he later opposed) is a good example.

Workman’s comp is a mess in this state, as is care for the mentally ill. There are small things that can be done to improve these and other problems.

Regulating where we can smoke, or how we use our cell phone and the list goes on is a prescription for government that harasses our citizens and eats out their sustenance. If people want a nanny state there is a party for that, it is called Democrats.

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