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Thaddeus Matthews, American Bigot: Racism Alive and Well

Alfonzo Rachel takes on the stuck on the Democrat plantation bigot Thadeus Matthews

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Americans for Prosperity Reagan vs Obama Ad

Good stuff!

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A Message to Donald J. Trump….

Recently we saw Donald Trump blast Rick Santorum for losing his Senate seat by 18 points in the Democrat 2006 landslide. Ummm hey Donald, when Mitt Romney ran for Senate he lost by 16 points. And the same year Rick … Continue reading

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NEA tells members to contribute to the NEA Childrens Fund. The money goes to John Kerry and Obama.

So your teachers union asks you to donate the the children’s charity associated with the union. They do everything to hide the fact that the money does not go to help children at all. It goes to billionaire John Kerry … Continue reading

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Catholics for Obama…

Anyone who has ever used a Catholic hospital or school and enjoyed those services should not vote for another Democrat. The Democratic Party from Obama on down has declared war on these services. By the way, we conservatives warned that … Continue reading

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Santorum Sweeps 3 GOP Contests

Here is a video of Rick Santorum’s speech. After the introductions and thank you’s his message to President Obama and the American people is a solid conservative economic message – LINK. CBS News: DENVER — It took one night for … Continue reading

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