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Obama’s Stimulus Promise Became A Punch Line. Where are the Jobs?

Where are the jobs??

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Entire Family Charged With “Honor Beating” of Daughter

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Open Letter to Indiana Republicans

Indiana Republicans: We have gotten a great deal of policy heavy lifting done in recent years; Right To Work, School Choice, government union reform, budget reform, the South Bend to Indianapolis highway etc. While some issues and tweaks need to … Continue reading

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Reminder: If you are afraid to debate Newt Gingrich, you are not going to debate Obama

Obama will go out there and lie in the most flagrant ways imaginable. We need someone who can rip that kind of strategy apart.

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Capital Bomber Doesn’t Fit the Justice Department “Profile”

According to the Justice Department, Homeland Security and other parts of the Obama Administration the dangerous wild card is supposed to be a conservative, white, male, military vet who believes in the Constitution, supports conservative candidates and believes in the … Continue reading

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The Rick Santorum Interview the Elite Media Doesn’t Want You To See

After a public television appearance Rick Santorum let a group of reporters have at him for an extended interview. Some of them tried to ask one “gotcha” question after another. Rick knocks each one out of the park. This is … Continue reading

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