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Econ Professor: Public Schools Have Students Brainwashed ….

The teacher asks the students to write an essay on the American Dream. 80% of them said that the government should  buy them a house, pay for their college, and give them a high paying job. They also were taught nothing … Continue reading

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Economic Indicators Show President Obama’s Failing Record.

House Ways & Means Committee: Earlier this week during his State of the Union address, President Obama said, “The defining issue of our time is how to keep that [American] promise alive.” What he conveniently omitted from his speech was that his failed … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Gave Electric Car Battery Maker $118 Million, Company Now Bankrupt

Via Big Government: The latest taxpayer-funded boondoggle to emerge from the Obama Administration’s infamous Energy Department grant and loan program has cost taxpayers $118.5 million, new bankruptcy filings by electric battery maker Ener1 reveal. From Bloomberg News: The company listed assets … Continue reading

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