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American Thinker: (Mitt Romney Is) The Republican Establishment’s Strategic Blunder

I have been very concerned that the establishment assault on grass roots conservatives can lead to a massive strategic blunder. While in a worst case scenario it can lead to a conservative third party, it is much more likely to … Continue reading

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WOLF: Panicked GOP insiders land in bizarro world

Mitt Romney is Reaganesque like Michael Moore is athletic By Barack Obama’s cousin Dr. Milton Wolf: The 2012 Republican primary race has passed well beyond the rabbit hole into some extra-dimensional bizarro world where up is down, black is white … Continue reading

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FDA Is Accused of Spying on Its Employees, Using Info to “Dismiss” Them

The FDA spied on employees private email accounts, not the government email accounts, to try and harass them and fire them when they blew the whistle to members of Congress.   With Video http://foxnewsinsider.com/2012/01/30/fda-is-accused-of-spying-on-its-employees-using-info-to-%E2%80%9Cdismiss%E2%80%9D-them/

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How to make and not make a counter-punch attack ad

Socratic ads and “Mitt vs Mitt” or “Obama vs Obama” is how to make a political counter-punch attack ad. Here are two fine example of a “Mitt Vs Mitt” ad:   Below is a fine example of a socratic style … Continue reading

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Newt: 46 states to go! (video)

Definitely worth your time to watch.

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Forbes: Romney Supervised Medical Testing Company Guilty Of Massive Medicare Fraud

And then he lied about it and got caught. From Forbes. Read every last word. You will be furious. http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/01/21/romney-supervised-medical-testing-company-guilty-of-massive-medicare-fraud/

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