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Romney Supporter Florida AG Pam Bondi Says Mitt Wants Romneycare In Every State

In the process she tells whopping lies about RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

Pam Bondi says that RomneyCare cuts costs and expands choice, both claims are shown to be false with just minutes of research.

As far as cutting costs, RomneyCare was not designed to cut costs and they said so when creating it. Romney’s team made it clear that they aimed for “universal coverage” first, and decided to worry about controlling costs later – LINK.

Costs continue to rise faster in Massachusetts than in the rest of the country. So much so that when one examines the details of just how much RomneyCare costs not just the Massachusetts tax payer, but the American taxpayer you will not be pleased.

Be sure to read this entire post.

You paid the high cost of RomneyCare in Massachusetts… – LINK and here is an excerpt:  

The High Price of Massachusetts Health Care Reform


We find that, under health care reform:

• State health care expenditures have risen by $414 million over the period;

• Private health insurance costs have risen by $4.311 billion over the period;

• The federal government has spent an additional $2.418 billion on Medicaid for Massachusetts.

• Over this period, Medicare expenditures increased by $1.426 billion;

• For a total cumulative cost of $8.569 billion over the period; and

• The state has been able to shift the majority of the costs to the federal government.


As you read on and read the related links below you will understand why many insurance companies have fled the state thus reducing choice.


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