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Kirsten Powers: There is something just fundamentally really, really wrong with our media…(video)

I think another interesting aspect to this story is this claim that nobody should cover it because it’s being ‘politicized’? Which would then mean nothing in Washington can ever be covered. Right? The [so called] ‘war on women’ was that … Continue reading

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Benghazigate Part II – “Stand Down” orders came from the White House

When you are done reading be sure to see Benghazigate Part I and the following link has all of our coverage on this emerging scandal. In a nutshell what is new: More evidence on the timeline and what the White House knew … Continue reading

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Lt. Col. Wood: State Department told Libyan embassy security to stop asking for help (video)

CBS News’  Sharyl Attkisson speaks with Lt. Col. Andrew Wood to discuss the situation in Libya. Lt. Col. Andrew Wood tells Attkisson that the State Department told them to stop asking for more security while they were taking security away. And then … Continue reading

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CBS: Obama Admin knew green energy boondoggles were politically motivated

These companies get a big chunk of tax-dollars, the companies are ran by Obama fundraising bundlers and/or contributors; they write a big check to Obama for President, pay themselves fat and go out of business. CBS News: Via Real Clear … Continue reading

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