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How brazen will politicians lie? Check this out.

Austan Goolsbee is the former Chief White House Economic Adviser for President Obama. Last week Goolsbee pelted Sean Hannity with the latest Democrat Party talking point, that Obama is a fiscal conservative because he cut the deficit in half!

politician liarHannity rightly took Goolsbee to task on how he came up with such a whopping stretch. Follow these numbers:

In FY2007, the last year Republicans had total fiscal control the yearly deficit was 188 billion and Democrats to this day go on and on as to what big spenders Republicans were under Bush.

Democrats take over the Congress and in FY2008 the yearly deficit goes to 500 billion.

Obama is elected and FY2009 through 2013 the YEARLY deficits are 1200 – 1400 billion per year.

This year the yearly deficit is projected to be just over 680 billion.

“”OMG LOOK WE CUT THE DEFICIT IN HALF!! See how conservative we are!””

This is the kind of twisted logic spoiled children use to get their way. We don’t tolerate it from them, so don’t tolerate it from those in power.


How corrupt is the Florida State GOP?

Aside from the fact that the Florida Republican leadership worked to get Allen West out of office in spite of the record amount of money he raised for them, read below via Jennifer Gratz:

Today the Florida Senate rules committee takes up legislation that would force breweries to sell our beer to a distributor, let the distributor mark it up and then sell it back to us before we could sell it in our tasting rooms. Adding insult to injury, the beer would never have to leave the brewery, the distributor wouldn’t have to actually distribute. Talk about getting paid for nothing. What a racket. Little faith in our government these days.

Glenn Beck’s Double Standard About Newt Gingrich

by Political Arena Editor Chuck Norton

As we have all seen in the elite media by some in the chattering class, the long knives are out for Newt Gingrich. Every time he has ever thought out loud it will be used against him and taken out of context. The “establishment” types are in a panic because they are afraid that Newt will shake things up as he did when he helped balance the budget and pass welfare reform.

“Put ourselves in a room and balance the budget by force of will; lock the experts out.” – Newt Gingrich

As for Glenn Beck the former liberal and alcoholic.

Newt is not the same man that he used to be.

I saw him on Sean Hannity some time ago. Newt said that he had come to realize that his old friends in academia, like this crew in the White House, are as big a threat to the United States as the Soviet Union ever was. Because, as Newt told Sean, “If these people are allowed to get their way this country will look nothing like the one we grew up in.”

Ever since that time Newt has had a moral clarity that I personally find to be astonishing. Newt is not the only one to become more accurate and conservative with age. He wrote a book about rediscovering his faith and has made films about President Reagan and Pope JP II’s efforts to fight communism.

Rick Perry, Ronald Reagan, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Silver, Chris Hitchens, Star Parker and yes even Glenn Beck all used to be Democrats and/or leftists. Heck, even Erskine Bowles embraced free market economics. He said it had something to do with him becoming a grandfather.

Glenn Beck is no longer a liberal neo-secularist and is no longer an alcoholic. So why can Glenn Beck can have a spiritual and philosophical awakening and Newt Gingrich cannot?