Dem Strategist On Romney: “He’s The Guy We Want To Run Against”

This editor has said this for a long time. Romney is who they know best and it is who the Democrats want to run against. Like Dole and McCain, Romney will trash other Republicans, but always says that we should not be “strident” in our critiques of the Democrats.

Real Clear Politics has the video HERE.

Dick Harpootlian: “We’re looking forward to blood on the ground here in the next three weeks and I think you’re going to see Mitt Romney not able to take the punch, which I am hoping he is the nominee because I know watching him in ’08 that he can’t take a punch. The guy does not have the ability to deliver. He’s pro-abortion and anti-abortion; he’s pro-intervention, he’s against intervention; he’s pro-tarp, he’s against tarp. He’s all over the map, he’s the guy we want to run against.”

Professor William Jacobson has it spot on as he explains in a three part article:

What if everything we have been told about Mitt Romney’s electability is wrong

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